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We are proud to collaborate with the largest high-tech companies and leading technology vendors, to offer cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to our customers, thanks to our early access to the latest available solutions.




We participate in international standards and consortia to be able to offer standard modules based on Qseven and SMARC pinout.




We developed a network of partners for helping our customers in product development for both hardware and software requirements.

Amarula Solutions is an international company employing experienced software engineers working on open-source projects, embedded systems, mobile telecom, and networking solutions. Amarula Solutions provides and supports OS and Firmware porting to different architectures, Customized Device Drivers development, Hardware vendor management, and System Layer design. Amarula Solutions started at the rise of Android OS, focusing on customizing this new platform for a broad range of new hardware.

Bylogix is focused on providing OEM’s and Tier1’s with unmatched electrical and electronic engineering services and solutions for the Automotive Industry. Bylogix offers an innovative engineering approach based on unique expertise in key automotive technologies. E/E architecture, embedded software and hardware development, ADAS, autonomous driving, advanced HMI, and functional safety are part of the key skills of its team of engineers. Bylogix has recently gained a national leading role in safety procedures for the Electrical Vehicles, directly training all the major Italian players in this field. The multifaceted experience acquired in Automotive allowed Bylogix to be also awarded major contracts in railway, marine, and industrial sectors.

DMG Engineering has dealt with the design, production, and development of IT and electronic systems since 2009. We specialize in firmware development for the railway, but we apply our solutions to all areas in which IT and electronics improve products and industrial processes. We are a group of focused and competent professionals: we are practical and precise and our approach is always hands-on.  We follow the entire life cycle of our customers’ products. We intervene in the development phase of ideas and proceed with the identification of specifics, then move on to design and implementation. We also provide support in testing and certification. 

Deep Vision Consulting produces innovative computer vision solutions, turning visual content into valuable high-level insights. The company covers the whole spectrum of computer vision projects, dealing with sensors and optics, image processing, computer vision, computational geometry, machine learning, and deep learning and touching also complementary fields such as robotics, AR/VR, and on-the-edge computing, data synthesis, and simulations. Regarding the latter, Deep Vision Consulting has developed the proprietary framework No-Data Deep Learning(TM), awarded by the Nvidia Inception Program, that enables the creation of deep learning solutions even when lacking images to rely on for the training process.

GL Research is an independent private laboratory specialized in Cyber-Physical Systems, the seamless integration of computation, networking, and physical processes which hold the potential to reshape our world by enabling a new generation of more intelligent, responsive, precise, reliable, and efficient machines. GL Research participates in the international applied research effort creating state-of-the-art technologies that are used at the most complex experimental physics facilities ever built by humanity and leverage the acquired know-how by partnering with the world's leading hardware providers to develop reference software solutions in strategic areas such as Embedded Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence at the Edge and Distributed Monitoring and Control.

KOAN is an Italian embedded software engineering founded in 1996 that specialized in embedded and real-time solutions. KOAN is a Yocto Project participant providing consulting and development for Linux embedded systems. We support companies in the complex integration processes of embedded Linux systems, combining experience and method with deep technological knowledge resulting from continuous research and development. Our main activities are System Integration, BSP and Kernel Devices, driver development, Cross-Platform Software Development using the Qt toolkit, OTA implementation, Trusted boot chain, and Continuous Integration.

neXo has been founded by people with more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation with the idea to build an automation software core technology based on Linux and CODESYS, a complete IEC 61131-3 programming system. Thanks to the communication interfaces available on­board and the communication libraries for MQTT, Ama­zon AWS, and Microsoft Azure our controllers are Industry 4.0 ready. We have used our core technology to create the nX series embedded automation controllers. The nX controllers have inside all our experience that our customers can use to solve complex industrial au­tomation applications.

Servitly's mission is to support manufacturing companies in Servitization journey by providing comprehensive software for managing connected products, delivering smart services, assisting the delivery of advanced services, monetizing loT data, generating new revenues, and transforming products into services (product-as-a­-service). Our software offers different connectors that allow any loT hardware to easily send data to our Cloud. We provide a Cloud-based software that allows manu­facturing companies to gather data from their loT-connected products, analyze data in real-time to perform condition moni­toring, recognize usage patterns, offer enhanced main­tenance services, and provide their customers and partners with a Web Portal and a Mobile App to access data and services. 

Ideas on Board provides development services for multimedia and cameras within the embedded Linux open source ecosystem. With an open, upstream-first philosophy, Ideas On Board supports and maintains the development of kernel drivers in the Linux media space (Video4Linux2, DRM/KMS) and in application frameworks such as libcamera and GStreamer. Specialized in image acquisition, processing, and display, Ideas On Board supports silicon vendors, ODM, and product integrators covering system design, framework, and driver development and training services.