Amarula solutions

Who we are

Amarula Solutions is an international company employing experienced software engineers working on open-source projects, embedded systems, mobile telecom and networking solutions. Customer satisfaction and hands-on mentality are our primary focuses, and our passion is to confront new challenges in the open-source field.

Open Source Matters

Amarula Solutions chooses to use Open Source Software to provide its services. The growth achieved by open-source has deep roots in an increased stream of information between big hardware/software vendors and the open-source community. Amarula Solutions is a part of this stream.

Our projects

Our projects are based on our knowledge, experience and hands-on mentality, which allow us to develop, debug, test, optimize and deliver specific complex systems for you. Amarula Solutions provides and supports: OS and Firmware porting to different architectures, Customized Device Drivers development, Hardware vendor management, System Layer design.

Our Services

Amarula Solutions provides Open Source Software and Hardware solutions, and their support. Amarula Solutions provides management of customers' products, and brings their ideas into life.


Amarula Solutions started at the rise of Android OS, focusing on customizing this new  platform for a broad range of new hardware. Years of experience, based upon several suc­cessful completed projects make us one of the most reliable Linux/Android-based embedded solution companies on the market.



Amarula Solutions has used Linux as the heart of it's Embedded Software Solutions for more than a decade, offering services based upon de­velopment of Board Support Packages, device drivers and user space applications.



Amarula Solutions has used U-Boot as primary bootloader for Embedded Software solutions and offering services based upon development of board additions, driver-model devices drivers, Device Firmware Upgrades, Verified boot and more.



Amarula solutions can make its customers aware of everything needed to manage community interaction, taking care of merging of private patch stacks with the community mainstream.


Amarula Solutions provides training to personnel, working in companies, which already use Android and Linux, as well as those, who want to discover the power of these operating systems




Who we are

neXo has been founded by people with more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation with the idea to build an automation software core technology based on Linux and CODESYS, a complete IEC 61131-3 programming system.

Our Services

We support all the industrial Fieldbus communication stacks providing an easy to use configurator for the network setup, configuration and diagnosis.

Thanks to the communication interfaces available on­board and the communication libraries for MQTT, Ama­zon AWS and Microsoft Azure our controllers are Industry 4.0 ready.

Our projects

We have used our core technology to create the nX series embedded automation controllers.

The nX controllers have inside all our experience that our customers can use to solve complex industrial au­tomation application.

Thanks to our modular, real-time and multitasking CO­DESYS implementation the nX controllers can be used to build: simple PLC logic, motion control applications with also 3D interpolation, robotics, HMI design.

Everything can be done using just one integrated de­velopment environment, the CODESYS Engineering.




Who we are

Serving manufacturing companies

We are a visionary software house, serving the most in­novative manufacturing companies.

Our mission is to support manufacturing companies in their Servitization journey, by providing a comprehensive software for managing connected products, delivering smart services, assisting the delivery of advanced services, monetizing loT data, generate new revenues and transform products into services (product-as-a­service).

Open Source Matters

loT hardware friendly

Our software offers different connectors that allow any loT hardware to easily send data to our Cloud. Commu­nication is bidirectional, our Cloud can easily send data and commands to the loT hardware

Our Services

A Cloud-based loT solution

We provide a Cloud-based software that allows manu­facturing companies to:

  • gather data from their loT-connected products

  • analyze data in real-time to perform condition moni­toring, recognize usage patterns, offer enhanced main­tenance services

  • provide their customers and partners with a Web Portal and a Mobile App to access data and services

Our projects

Business and technology together

We believe that the success of a "connected product" loT project is stricly related to the clarity of business vision. for this reason we adopt and approach where business decisions come together technology imple­mentations