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Azure Demo on Microedev

The demo is based on yocto pyro

Sdcard Image setup

On yocto source folder , clone the meta-iot-cloud repo:

git clone https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/meta-iot-cloud.git

Launch on terminal the yocto setting command:

MACHINE=microdev source engicam-setup-environment build_microdev

Add the line below to conf/local.conf

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " azure-iot-sdk "

Add the new layer to on conf/bblayers.conf

${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-iot-cloud \
${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-python \

bitbake the image:

bitbake engicam-test-hw

Setting up the IoT Hub on Azure

Read the link below:


Remember to change the Connection string define inside the demo main.c code

#define CONNECTION_STRING <your connection string>

Compile the demo

Prepare the image sdk:

bitbake engicam-test-hw -c prepare_sdk

Clone the demo repo:

git clone https://engicamtestgit-admin@bitbucket.org/engicamtestgit/azure-demo.git

And then compile it:

cd azure-demo
cmake .

At the end copy azure-demo binaries on target board.

Setting up Azure account

Read the link below:


07 March 2018