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i.MX 6ULL based Micro SOM

The MicroGEA Module is the smallest module on the market based on i.MX 6ULL; everything is included in a very amazing size of 25 x 25 mm , with a height of 3.5 mm. The new item of the Micro SOM family comes with the low cost and power efficient processor NXP i.MX 6ULL and provides e-paper driving capability ( EPD up to 2048x1536), LCD with resolution up to WXGA (1366x768) and many other peripherals.

Operating Systems

Cores : Single-Core Cortex-A7@ up to 900MHz
Memory : Up to 512 MB DDR3-800
Graphics : Electrophoretic Display (EPD) controller Pixel processing pipeline (PXP) to support 2D image processing including color-space conversion, scaling, alpha-blending, and rotation.
Video Interfaces
Video Interfaces : 1x Parallel LCD 1x EPD
Video Processing Unit Capabilities
Video Processing Unit Capabilities : Up to WXGA (1366x768) for LCD; Up to 2048x1536 for EPD
Mass Storage
Mass Storage : Nand Flash
Networking : 1 x 10/100 Ethernet interface; 1 x RMII interface
USB : 2 x USB
PCIe : -
Audio : I2S interface
Peripheral Interfaces
Peripheral Interfaces : Up to 3 I2C Up to 3 SPI Up to 8 PWM Up to 7 UART Up to 2 CAN Bus Up to 2 SDIO interfaces Up to 2 ADC
Power Supply
Power Supply : + 3.3V DC, +5V for USB (if used)
Operative System
Operative System : Linux
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature : Extended or industrial temperature available (see the manual for details)
Dimensions : 25 mm x 25 mm
Product availability (based on processor longevity program)
Product availability (based on processor longevity program) : Available at least until the Q4 2026
  • GEAM6ULSW_manual_Yocto_2.0.5.pdf - 4.79M (please login to download)
  • MicroGEAERRATA_Rev_0.pdf - 118.18K (please login to download)
  • PCN_1808-1.pdf - 67.86K (please login to download)
  • PCN_1810-1.pdf - 205.29K (please login to download)
  • PCN_1910-1.pdf - 129.61K (please login to download)
  • PCN_20.03-1.pdf - 77.11K (please login to download)
  • PCN_20.04-1.pdf - 114.78K (please login to download)
  • MicroGEAlocking_AN_1.0.1.pdf - 2.08M (please login to download)
  • MicroGEAMX6_ULL_HW_manual_1.1.7.pdf - 4.68M (please login to download)
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