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i.MX6 based EDIMM version with eMMC and MIPI-CSI

Based on NXP™ i.MX 6Solo, i.MX 6DualLite, i.MX 6Dual or i.MX 6Quad processor. i.Core M6 derivative with MMC option and MIPI-CSI interface. Suitable for Android and video capture application.

Operating Systems

Linux Android
Cores : Up to 4 x Cortex-A9@800MHz
Memory : Up to 2 GB DDR3-1066
Graphics : Up to 4 individual displays VPU—Video Processing Unit IPU—Image Processing Unit (2 IPUs) GPU3D—3D Graphics Processing Unit (OpenGL ES 2.0) GPU2D—2D Graphics Processing Unit (BitBlt) GPUVG—OpenVG 1.1 Graphics Processing Unit (Dual/Quad Only) ASRC—Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
Video Interfaces
Video Interfaces : Up to 1 Parallel Up to 2 LVDS HDMI 1.4 port 8 bit CSI INPUT MIPI-CSI INPUT
Video Processing Unit Capabilities
Video Processing Unit Capabilities : Up to 1920x1200
Mass Storage
Mass Storage : eMMC
Networking : 1 x 10/100 Ethernet interface
USB : 2 x USB
PCIe : 1 x PCIe interface
Audio : 1 x I2S interface
Peripheral Interfaces
Peripheral Interfaces : Up to 2 I2C Up to 3 SPI Up tp 4 PWM Up to 4 UART Up to 2 CAN Bus Up to 2 SDIO interfaces JTAG interface
Power Supply
Power Supply : + 5V DC
Operative System
Operative System : Linux,Android
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature : Extended or industrial temperature available (see the manual for details)
Dimensions : 32.1 x 67.6 mm
Product availability (based on processor longevity program)
Product availability (based on processor longevity program) : Available at least until Q4 2027
  • i.CoreM6S-DL-D-Q_1.5_HW_manual_1.0.5.pdf - 3.77M (please login to download)
  • i.CoreM6S-DL-D-Q_SW_manual_Yocto_2.0.5.pdf - 6.18M (please login to download)
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Starterkit available for development