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Low cost resistive touch 7" open frame

Based on standard EDIMM modules, this open frame terminal is driven by GEA M6428 or GEA MX6UL module and it is suitable for all the applications where the lowest cost is required. The resistive touch panel and the Engicam Linux SDK allow a really ready to use way to develop user friendly graphic user interface. The frameless touch panel system is very easy to be integrated into the final housing.

Operating Systems


  • TFT 7" consumer, 800x480 resolution
  • LED backlight, brightness 320 Cd/m2, consumer
  • Resistive touch
  • Power supply 5V
  • 1 x uSD, 1 X RTC
  • 1 x RS232 serial
  • 1 x RS485 serial
  • 1 x Ethernet 10/100T
  • GEA MX6UL SOM based
Operative System
Operative System : Linux
  • OpenframeLOW_COST_7_USR_Manual_1.0.5.pdf - 6.27M (please login to download)
  • PCN_1805-1.pdf - 69.85K (please login to download)
  • PCN_1912-01.pdf - 177.69K (please login to download)


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