News History

NXP Technology Days

09 September 2019

  We are pleased to promote the NXP Technology Days. The event, that will be held on October 3 in the Historical Alfa Romeo's Museum of Milan, will be a unique opportunity to learn and ...

ST Techno Day 2019

17 June 2019

  Engicam was present at the ST Techno Day 2019 convention. A day dedicated to the Italian market in order to illustrate the guidelines of the Society about the most recent and the future ...

ASTI Challenge

02 April 2019

  Engicam and Melchioni invite to visit the ASTI Challenge 2019, that will be held in Burgos on Saturday 6th April. Engicam and Melchioni are sponsors of the ...



25 March 2019

  Engicam will be present at the IOTHINGS 2019 at the Melchioni booth with the new products (  IOTHINGS, become the leader IoT event in Italy and it ...

i.Core MX8M Mini

i.MX 8M Mini based SOM

25 February 2019

  The new i.Core MX8M Mini is based on i.MX 8M Mini equipped with the Cortex-A53 cores plus Cortex-M4. The i.MX 8M Mini family of processors brings together high-performance computing, power ...

NEW ST® SOM Series

New i.Core STM32MP1 & MicroGEA STM32MP1 SOMs

22 February 2019

Engicam introduces the new i.Core STM32MP1 and MicroGEA  STM32MP1, both based on the new STM32MP157 processor from ST® equipped with a dual-core Cortex-A7 and a Cortex-M4.

i.Touch HMI


28 January 2019

If you are thinking about an embedded HMI ready to install in your product, you can consider the new i.Touch family from Engicam. The i.Touch comes with: - 7" or 10.1" LCD with ...

NEW i.Core MX8X

EDIMM 2.0 standard SOM

12 October 2018

  Engicam introduces the new SOM i.Core MX8X Equipped with  the i.MX 8X processor family, ideal for safety-certifiable and efficient performance requirements. Example applications include ...

NEW i.Core MX8M

EDIMM 2.0 standard SOM

12 October 2018

Engicam introduces the new i.Core MX8M SOM. Equipped with the i.MX 8M family processors based on Arm® Cortex®-A53 and Cortex-M4 cores that provide industry-leading audio, voice and video ...


07 September 2018

  Engicam is pleased to inform of his participation at the IOT ROAD SHOW "L'IOT VISTO DALL'ALTO" event promoted by Melchioni. During the four seminars, that will be held in 4 ...