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General purpose carrier board Compliant with standard SMARC Interface

General-purpose Carrier Board compliant with Engicam standard SmarCore SOMs and Open Frames. Based on the X.TOUCH Carrier Board, this new model increases the number of external peripherals, such as CAN Bus and double Gb Ethernet. It enables the use of the WWAN interface. The Carrier Board 2.0 can host both ARM and X86 modules such as SmarCore MX8M Plus, SmarCore MX8X, SmarCore EHL.


Operating Systems

Linux Android Windows
  • SmarCore MX8M Plus, MX8X, and EHL-x86 family compliant

  • Industrial temperature range

  • 15-24 Vdc single power supply

  • 1 x HDMI interface up to 4K

  • 1 x LVDS interface up to FULL HD

  • 1 x HP Output Jack

  • 2 x Gb Ethernet

  • 1 x USB3.0

  • 2 x USB2.0

  • 1 x microSD

  • 1 x RS485

  • 2 x RS232

  • I2C

  • 2xCAN

  • 4x GPIOs

  • JTAG i/f

  • WiFi M.2 KEY E 

  • WWAN or SSD M.2 KEY B 

  • Size: 100 x 142 mm

Hardware manual



Fact Sheet


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