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GEA M6428B/F

i.MX28 based EDIMM SOM

GEA M6428B/F

GEA M6428B/F, based on NXP™i.MX283/7 processor, offers power management, connectivity features and reducing system cost and complexity

Based on NXP™i.MX283/7 processor. The i.MX28 family of multimedia applications processors is the latest extension of NXPs ARM9 product portfolio. The i.MX28 family integrates display, power management, and connectivity features unmatched in ARM9-based devices, reducing system cost and complexity for cost sensitive applications. With optimized performance and power consumption, the i.MX28 is an ideal fit for fanless systems or for portable equipment that need to be battery operated. Numerous connectivity options including dual 10/100 Ethernet with L2 switch address specific needs for industrial applications.
  • 5V single power supply
  • Single cell lithium battery management
  • Resistive touch screen controller

  • NXP i.MX283/7 application processor
  • Core: ARM9™
  • Frequency: 454MHz
  • DRAM WIDTH: 16bit
  • RAM type: DDR2-400
  • RAM size: 64MB
  • FLASH type: NAND SLC
  • FLASH size: 256MB
  • MAX LCD resolution: WVGA
  • Simultaneous LCDs: 1
  • Parallel LCD: 1x 18bit parallel LCD port up to 800x600
  • LVDS: No
  • HDMI: No
  • CSI input: 8 bit
  • HW ACC: No
  • SATA: No
  • External bus I/F: No
  • SDIO: 2x 4 bit
  • CAN: 2x (only on 287)
  • UART: Up to 5
  • I2C: Up to 2
  • I2S: Up to 2
  • SPI: Up to 2
  • USB: 1x OTG, 1x HOST
  • PCI express: No
  • ADC: 4x 12bit
  • Video ADC: No
  • Ethernet: 2x 10/100 with PHY (1 on 283)
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Status: Production
Operating System
Operating System : Linux
  • GeaM6428B-F_HW_Manual_1.1.7.pdf - 1.26M (please login to download)
  • GeaM6428B-F_SW_manual_2.0.0.pdf - 1.60M (please login to download)
  • PCN_1503-2.pdf - 74.66K (please login to download)